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There are some things best done in private.

Private Auction

There’s this thing called buying and selling on eBay. It’s done through means of an online auction. And as anyone with Internet experience will tell you, online auctions have twice as many features as traditional auctions.

On eBay and even on some other popular online auction websites, sellers have the option to turn their auctions into a private auction. What’s a private auction?

A private auction is a type of online auction where the bidders’ names—or usernames, to be specific—aren’t made public to other bidders except to the person who set up the auction. There are two reasons why you should open a private auction.

1.The item is a rare collectible and is very expensive. Some items are so rare that bidders actually try and contact other bidders in an attempt to buy them out and set a lower price on the item. Private auctions prevent this from happening.
2.The nature of the item being sold is sensitive. Other members viewing your profile won’t be able to see the items you bought or bid for in private auctions. This is a helpful feature in adult auctions.

But use private auction sparingly. Avoid it if the item you’re selling doesn’t fall in either of the two instances listed above. Sometimes it’s better to stick to the regular auction settings.