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There are some things best done in private.

Private Car Auction

Do you think you can afford a car but your wife thinks you don’t? Do you want to show off your “brand new” Firebird to your officemates but don’t want them browsing your eBay profile and finding out how you really got your hands on it? It’s time you discover private car auctions.

What is a private car auction?

A private car auction is a type of online car auction. In private car auction, a bidder won’t be able to see the names of other bidders, except of course for the person who started the auction. This is useful for a number of reasons.

First the protection of the person doing the selling. Some unscrupulous bidders go out of their way to contact another bidder to try and buy that bidder out and secure the item, if it is rare enough, for a much lower price. Car sellers prevent this from happening by setting the auction to private.

Another reason is for the protection of the buyer himself. Items bought or bid for at private auctions don’t show up in your public profile, at least on eBay. So if you just bought an expensive car on eBay and don’t want your wife finding out how much it really costs, stick to car auctions with private settings.

Buying a car online has never been this convenient.


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