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There are some things best done in private.

Private Home Auctions

Buying a house is a big thing. Anyone who can afford to buy a house at a time when everyone else is selling their own ought to be proud of himself or herself. But buying a house on the Internet is another story. That’s why there are private home auctions to help smooth things out.

What is a private home auction?

A private home auction is a type of online auction where the bidders’ names or usernames aren’t made public to other bidders except to the person who started the auction.

This new privacy measure is beneficial to both buyer and selling. But private home auction, as anyone with enough online trading experience will tell you, has its fair share of setbacks, too.

In private home auctions, only the seller know who won the property he or she is selling. This gives sellers who pawns off misrepresented items and fakes more room to operate with his scams.

Not only that, but private home auctions also restrict honest and more experienced bidders from contacting the high bidders about potential problems with the auction. This is no longer an option with private home auctions.

The best advice is to proceed with caution. It’s funny how the words “auction” and “caution” uses the same letters. Don’t let it be the only connection.


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