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There are some things best done in private.

Private Jet Auction

Being someone with a deep pocket and lots of money in between has its disadvantages especially if you’ve become addicted to buying private jets at online auctions.

It’s okay, as long as you have the money for it. But the moment someone discovers your buying patterns, be prepared to filter your inbox from scam offers… at a rate of at least twenty to thirty per day.

The solution is to participate in private jet auctions. But what’s a private jet auction?

Don’t make the mistake of taking private jet auction as an auction of private jets. This term has something to do with online auctioning. In private jet auction, the bidders’ names are kept secret from everyone else except to the seller that’s been put up for auction—in this case, a jet. This is to protect the privacy of both buyer and seller.

But be careful about participating in private jet auctions. A study shows that around 27% of eBay members, just about, avoid private auctions if they could. It makes sense, since no one’s stopping the seller from creating several dummy accounts to boost the price on the jet he or she is auctioning.

Private jet auctions can still work under certain conditions. It’s up to you to identify those circumstances.


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